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Professional Consulting and Installation of Exhaust Systems

Hoodco Inc. is an NSF-approved builder and carries a full line of exhaust fans and air fans for your convenience. We use several different brands, including Cook™ and Flow Air™, and also offer consulting services for start-up restaurants. We'll design your system to best meet your menu items and will design your floor plan to meet the local Board of Health standards. Contact us today for more information!

Worker with Protective Mask Welding Metal

We Service Your Restaurant with a Variety of Products

Exhaust Hoods—Custom Made

  • Stock Hoods of Various Sizes Available for Immediate Delivery
  • Fire Systems Pre-Installed
    • Mandatory Item According to Code UL300

Fabrication of Other Products

  • Equipment Stands
  • Overhead & Wall Shelving
  • Stainless Steel Work Tables
  • Counters
  • Cabinets

Contact our stainless steel fabrication business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for restaurant services on exhaust hoods and exhaust systems.